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Christian Vision

 As part of the Manchester Diocese family, we promote Jesus' promise from John 10:10

'life in all it's fullness' (John 10:10)

Our vision at St Mary's is rooted in Ephesians (3:17-19)

"I pray that you would be rooted and established in love..........Filled to the measure of the fullenss of God"

Everything we do here at St Mary's is done in and through love. We are a big family, all our children know and love each other. The families are all loved and valued as part of the St Mary's family. 

At St Mary's we hold six values as our 'root' values, they are Love, Joy, Hope, Friendship, Trust and Faith. 

We have twelve 'branching values' that are paired with a root value on a two-year rolling programme, they are: Thankfulness, Wisdom, Perseverance, Justice, Service, Truthfulness, Generosity, Compassion, Courage,Forgiveness, Responsibility and Respect.

St Mary’s School Prayer

Dear Lord, you fill our school with Hope,             

We trust in you each day.                                   

We thank you that you help us to                        

Have faith in all you say.                                     

Your love shines through our friendships,           

brings joy to all we do;                                        

Help us to be thankful, kind                                

And always think of you.



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