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In English we encourage a love of reading through the use of good quality texts that inspire and excite our children. We foster a love of language, giving children opportunities to develop their skills, enabling them to become effective communicators, whilst also developing their listening skills. Through reading and exposure to a range of different genre, children have the chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Children are engaged by writing opportunities that have a real purpose and are motivated to become successful in all areas of the English curriculum.

Spirituality in English

Spiritual development in nurtured in English through:

  • Empathising with authors and characters in stories, poems and plays
  • Appreciating the beauty of language
  • Expressing emotion and sentiments in writing and speech
  • Reflecting on the values within great works of literature
  • Considering the characters of hero and heroine in literature
  • Imagining oneself as someone else
  • Escaping into other worlds through literature
  • Exploring elements of wonder in literature
  • Interpreting and exploring deep feelings and profound beliefs

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