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Maths, here at St Mary’s, is taught in a way that enables our children to think and reason for themselves with clarity. It teaches our children about how to approach and tackle mathematical problems in a myriad of different ways. This empowers our children to have the skills and knowledge they can use as they progress through all of their maths journey and throughout their life, working fluently and efficiently. Our children develop independence in this subject and enjoy all of the many ways they can harness their learning styles to become confident mathematicians.


British Values/ Spirituality 
At St Mary's, we understand and reflect on our responsibility in preparing children for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, laying the foundations so that they can take their place successfully in modern British society. This is evidenced through our teaching and learning, our inclusive environment and through the many opportunities provided for our children to understand democracy, law, liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. At St Mary's we promote 'Believe and Achieve' - and maths is no exception. We want children to adopt an ‘I can’ attitude, trying new things and learning from their mistakes in a low-stakes environment so that they don’t grow up, repeating the classic line: ‘I can’t do maths!’ 


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Maths Policy

Progression of Skills

Progression of Skills in Maths EYFS-Year 6