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In our science curriculum we want to develop children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through giving them the opportunities to be biologists, chemists and physicians through science topics delivered during their science lessons. We look to equip children with the scientific knowledge and enquiry skills to help them answer questions about the world in preparation for the implication of science today and for the future. We are committed to developing children’s curiosity about the subject, as well as an appreciation of the possibilities and power of science in the world around them.

Spirituality in Science

Spiritual development is nurtured in Science through:

  • Wondering as the basis of science
  • Forming questions around the beginning, creation and evolution
  • Discovering the limits of experimentation
  • Reflecting on birth, death and renewal
  • Questioning the universe and beyond
  • Finding regularity and order in science
  • Exploring beliefs in science and the faith of scientists
  • Considering the impact of scientific achievements

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